Editing an Existing Market Segment


InsideView Apex allows you to edit an existing market segment with various options that are available to choose from in the left pane. Here’s how:

Step Description Details
 1 Log in to InsideView Apex Log in to InsideView Admin Portal with user credentials.
 2 Select a Market Segment Click Apex and select the Market Segments link and click on the market segment that you want to edit.

 3 Edit a Market Segment name From the market segment visualizations page, you can edit the search criteria in the left pane by clicking the pencil_icon.png Pencil or + Add icon.

You can also change the name of your market segment. For example, change Banking Companies to US Banking Companies by clicking the edit icon next to the segment name.

edit_name.png edit_name_new.png

 4 Modify Search Criteria Click the add_icon.png icon to add new search criteria.


Select any one of the filters that are populated and enter the values for that filter.


Select the Technology link to see all technologies.


 5 Edit industry selection
  • Click the Chevron chevron_new1.png icon to expand the Industry to view and select the sub-industries.


  • Click the Chevron chevron_new.png again to close the sub-industries view.
  • Click the Only link to remove that particular sub-industry. For example, click Only to remove Uncategorized companies.only.png

Notice how the search results change when you select the industries and sub-industries option.

 6 Filter with the Job Function Click theadd_icon.png icon to add more search criteria.

Select the Job Function link to add one or more job functions to add as new criteria. For example, select the Sales, Finance, Human Resources, Engineering and Research and Operations and Administration check boxes and click Update. Based on your selection the number of people in your market segment changes.


 7 Filter with Job Level Select the Job Level link to add one or more job levels to add as new criteria. For example, select the Vice President check box and click Update.


 8 Filter with Employee Count If you want to change the Employee Count, click Edit Employee Range and change the minimum and maximum number of employees and then click Update.


 9 Filter with Revenue To change the Revenue range, click Edit Revenue Range and enter the new minimum and maximum values and then click Update.edit_revenue.png
 10 Filter with fiscal month To filter results by a company’s fiscal year end, click +Add Fiscal Year End and select a month and then click Update.


 11 Filter with other search criteria Similarly, you can also add criteria for Company Status, Ownership Type, Annual Lists & Indexes, Contact Info and Social Media.
 12 Filter with NAICS  Enter the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) business code that you wish to filter. For example, enter 522110 for Commercial Banking companies.

 13 Filter with SIC Enter the Standard Industry Classification (SIC) code for US companies. For example, enter 6029 to search for Commercial Banks.edit_ms10.png
 14 Save changes If you do not save any search criteria before you leave a market segment page the following alert message appears:


  • Click Save Changes to save all changes.
  • Click Discard Changes to leave without saving changes.
  • Click Cancel to close dialog
 16 Save a Market Segment
  • Click Save to save all edits.
  • Click Save As to clone this market segment. For more information, read the article Copying a Market Segment in the Knowledge Base.
  • In the Market Segment page, to export the People and Company data in an .xlsx file, click Exportexport_options.png
  • For more information, read the article Exporting Market Segment Data in our Knowledge Base.
  • In the Export dialog, click Export if you want to export data. Else, click Cancel to exit.export_msg.png

Note: The total number of company and people records that you can export is based on the InsideView Target export balance available for that account.

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