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Why should I use InsideView Append Lightning Data?

InsideView Append​ automatically attaches InsideView's continuously refreshed account data to your Salesforce account records. You can use it to enrich and refresh old or incomplete account records.

InsideView Append offers Salesforce’s new data strategy - Lightning Data.  InsideView Append is one of the inaugural data partners in Salesforce's open, forward-thinking data marketplace. You can use the free trial of InsideView Append so that you can determine if our data would be a good fit for you. 

I'm a customer, can InsideView Append help me with a similar service?

Yes, you can get the same service with InsideView Append because appends data to account, contact, and lead records via link (similar to what InsideView Append does). 

You can use the following similar features in InsideView Append as well:

  • Manually update, field by field, using “stare and compare” screen (similar to InsideView Append's sync).  
  • Or select records from a list and update in batch (similar to bulk upload).

Salesforce admins can:

  • Configure and run automated Clean jobs to: flag field value differences on Salesforce records, fill blank fields, and overwrite field values (Only available in Salesforce Classic edition).
  • Use the Match API to create a custom solution for specific business purposes like updating leads as they are created and updating custom objects.

Can InsideView help us in to keeping our Marketing Automation data current?

InsideView has solutions for everyone involved in the revenue process, from the executive team through operations. InsideView enables:

  • Plan and measure your Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy with leadership teams
  • Discover Total Addressable Market (TAM) Segments and measure performance against plan
  • Help Sales and marketing to identify the right targets and engage with the right message at the right time
  • Keep your CRM and MAP data clean for various business operations .

Sharing the same data throughout the revenue process is key to sales and marketing alignment, which can impact company revenue as much as 10%.

With our new InsideView Append - A Lightning Data offering, you’ll now be able to access InsideView data natively within Salesforce.

What you can interpret from the results of Data Integration Rule Assessment?

Once you have installed InsideView Append from Salesforce's AppExchange, your administrator can run the Data Integration Rule assessment.  The Data Integration Rule Assessment provides a match against InsideView's data, based on Salesforce's matching algorithm. The results will help you identify the value that InsideView Append can provide.

The results will also display a breakdown of the matched data by a variety of criteria:


For more information, read the article the Running the InsideView Append Data Assessment in our Knowledge Base.

Why am I not seeing the company data link for some accounts?

InsideView Append shows the company data link when there is data for that particular account instantly. However, when the data is being updated or validated it takes time to update existing accounts. May be this could be one of the reasons why you don't see the company data link or if there is no data available for that particular company then no link is shown. The update/refresh time depends on total number of accounts in your CRM. It can take a few hours or couple of days for the first update to complete. InsideView recommends you to wait and check the accounts for which company data link is not available.

What are the various InsideView Append Data Integration Rule statuses?

When you run the InsideView Append Data Integration rule, you can see any one of the following statuses:

  • Not Compared
  • In Sync
  • Reviewed
  • Different
  • Not Found
  • Skipped

For more information, read the article the Configuring InsideView Append in Salesforce Account Page Layout in our Knowledge Base. To know about various data integration rule statuses, read the Salesforce's Online Help documentation.

My company is completely reliant on the DUNS #; how will you continue to support that?

If this is super important to your company, than InsideView will qualify out. If you need a unique ID, but are not associated to the DUNS #, then we can help.

I'm unable to view the data from InsideView Append in Account page, Why?

Check if you have configured your Salesforce Account Page Layout to display engaging data from InsideView Append app.

For more information, read the article the Configuring InsideView Append in Salesforce Account Page Layout in our Knowledge Base.

What fields are required to append the account data using InsideView Append?

InsideView Append uses these fields to match and append the account data in your Salesforce CRM:

  • Account/Company Name
  • Website URL
  • Revenue
  • Country
  • Industry

Match rate is driven by your CRM data; both availability of data in these fields and accuracy of that existing data. Match rate is also driven by the Salesforce Lightning Data matching logic. 

How often data is refreshed in InsideView Append?

InsideView Append's data for accounts is refreshed once in 30 days to keep your data up-to-date. It provides the most comprehensive and accurate information about accounts that you wish to target.

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