How Do I Find the Right Contact?


This article explains how InsideView Sales finds the correct match for a contact in the CRM. It outlines the steps to resolve the incorrect contact pairing.

InsideView shows real time matches for a contact. The Not the right contact? feature allows you to resolve any incorrect pairings with the right match.

For instance, you have a CRM record for Prateek Gupta, SAP Technical Consultant at IBM Corp. The information present in your CRM is just the contact name and company name. InsideView matches this record to Prateek Gupta, Sr. System Engineer at IBM Corp instead. This pairing is done based on popularity using the information present in your CRM. In such cases, resolve the incorrect pairing with a more appropriate match.

To resolve incorrect pairing follow these instruction:

Step Description Details
1 Open the Contact Open any Contact record in your CRM and navigate to the InsideView section.
2 Find the right contact If you think that the contact pairing is incorrect, click the pencil icon for Not the right contact? link as illustrated:


3 Review search results A list of suggested matches appear. Search for the correct contact by typing the name in the search box.


4 Select a contact Locate the correct person and click the Select link.


This record becomes the default pairing for that particular contact.


If the contact match is not found, click on the Add a Person link. To learn how to add a contact, read the article How to add a Company or a Person's Record in our Knowledge Base.

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