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InsideView Apex boosts your go-to-market efficiency and effectiveness by letting you define, automate, and analyze your sales and marketing tactics. InsideView Apex gives you opportunity to do strategic planning by identifying market segments, whitespaces and targets for account based marketing (ABM) campaigns.

To learn how to export a company or contact data, read the article Exporting a Market Segment Data in our Knowledge Base.

The tables below summarize the InsideView fields with their descriptions.

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Contact/Executive Details

InsideView Field Description Export

First Name

The first name of a contact  Yes

Last Name

The last name of a contact Yes


The job title of a contact. For example, the title field will shows, vice president or Chief Executive Officer  Yes


A short biography of the contact that is retrieved from the data sources.



The email address of the contact. 


Job Level

The job level of the contact. For example, Director-Sales or Director-Marketing


Job Function

The job function of the contact. For example, Sales, Finance, or IT


Executive City

The city to which an executive belongs. For example, New York


Executive State

The state from where an executive hails. For example, California.


Executive Country

The country of an executive.


InsideView Executive ID

The unique identifier of a person in InsideView's database.

Note:- The Executive ID is different from Employment ID because Employment ID is tagged to the Job of an executive (identified by an Executive ID) at a company (identified by InsideView ID).


Employment ID

The unique identifier for an executive's employment in a company in InsideView's database.

An executive can have multiple Employment IDs depending on jobs at various companies. InsideView Target pushes the current/present Employment ID in the exported file and when you sync it.


IMPORTANT: Please refer to the Company Location Details and Company Firmographics Data tables below for the company fields that can be exported from InsideView Target. The company fields are same in the Contact data file exported.

Company Details

InsideView Field Description Export

InsideView ID/IV Account ID 

The unique identifier of a company in InsideView's database.

For example, Google’s InsideView ID is 736233.

Note: InsideView Account ID is shown as "IV Account ID" in the XLSX spreadsheet that you export.


Account/Company Name

The full name of a company.


Account/Company Status

The current status of a company.

Possible values are Operating, Out of BusinessSubsidiary, and Acquired.


Account/Company Description

The detailed description of the company. 


Account Annual Revenue

The annual revenue of a company in USD.


Primary Business

The primary business identifies the actual business of that particular company, which can either be an industry or a sub-industry. 

For example, InsideView's primary business is "Internet Information Services", which is listed as a sub-industry under the "Media" industry.


Account Industry

The type of industry the company belongs to. 

For example, Google’s industry type is computer software: software & services.


Account Address

The company address of the company.  Yes


The name of the city. For example, New York or San Francisco.  Yes


The street name. It might include abbreviations. For example, Margaret Dr means Margaret Drive or Lincoln St means Lincoln Street.  No


An abbreviation of the state name. For example, NY means New York, and CA means California.  Yes


The full name of the Country. For example, United States or Australia.


Postal Code

The postal code for the city. For example, postal code for New York is 10017



The phone number of the company



The fax number of the company


Data Source

The data source from where the company details are retrieved


Primary Category

The primary category of the technology used by that particular company.



Sub category

The sub category of the technology used by a company Yes

Parent Company Revenue

The annual revenue of a parent company in USD.


Company Employee Count/ Number of Employees

Number of employees in a company. 

This number changes as when employees join or leave a company. The accuracy of this number is validated by our content team periodically to keep it current.


Account Website

The website URL of the company.


Equifax ID (EFX ID)

A unique Equifax identifier (EFX ID) for a company. 

For example, Google’s Equifax ID is 015875469.


Fiscal Year-End (FYE) Date

The fiscal year end month for a company  


Parent ID

The unique identifier of the parent company.  Yes 

Parent Name

The name of the parent company.


Account Primary NAICS Code

The six digit North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code of the company. 

For example, Google’s NAICS code is 519130.


Account SIC Code

The four digit Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code of the company. 

For example, Google’s primary SIC code is 7375.


Sub Industry

The sub industry type of the company. 

For example, InsideView's top-level industry type is Computer Software and sub-industry type is CRM (formerly a Sales Intelligence Software).


Ultimate Parent ID

A unique identifier for the ultimate parent company in the InsideView database. 

For example, ASDA Financial Services, Limited'InsideView ID is 16088486. The ASDA Stores, Limited is the parent company of ASDA Financial Services. The parent company ID is 1264919.

The ASDA Stores, Limited is the subsidiary of the ASDA Group, whose ultimate parent company is Wal-Mart Stores, Inc and it's ID is 727545.


Ultimate Parent Name

The name of the ultimate parent company in a family tree.

For example, ASDA Financial Services Limited's ultimate parent company is Wal-Mart Stores, Inc as illustrated in the screen below:


Parent Company ID

A unique identifier for the parent company in the InsideView database.


Account Ticker Symbol

The stock market ticker of the company. 

For example, Oracle’s stock market ticker is ORCL and Google’s ticker is GOOG.



The type of technology company uses. For example, a company uses SQL Server.



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