How to Find the Right Social Profile for a Contact


This article explains how the InsideView Sales algorithm works and outlines the steps to find and pair a right contact.

The Not the right contact? button allows you to resolve incorrect contact matches by letting you search and select the correct match from a list of matches in the InsideView's database.

When you perform a contact search and there are multiple close matches for a particular contact record, InsideView loads the one that's most popular matched contacts. This may not be the contact that you're looking for. For instance, if you are looking for Harry Horowitz a Learning Consultant (Trainer) at InsideView, Inc, but the CRM record shows a different match.

In this scenario, follow these steps:

Step Description Details
 1 Click Not the right contact? Click the pecnil_ico.pngNot the right contact? (pencil) icon to locate the right contact as illustrated:


 2 Select the correct match InsideView will show all possible matches for Harry at InsideView, Inc.

In the Search Results page, select the contact which is a right match to pair with that particular contact. 


 3 Update CRM Once you have selected the right match, click the Update CRM link to associate the right contact in the CRM.


Then, click Update Contact to update this contact in your CRM.

update_contact_small.pngNote: This contact will be now updated in both your CRM and InsideView's database for all your future searches and conversations. This contact will not change unless someone selects a different match using the Not the right contact? feature again.

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