Running InsideView Append Lead Data Assessment


This article explains how you can assess your lead match rate against InsideView’s data and see a complete breakdown of all matched records by geography, industry, and size. You can run an assessment with a trial license before purchasing InsideView Append.

Note: You can run the InsideView (Append) Lightning Data Lead Integration Rule in Salesforce's ProfessionalEnterprisePerformance, and Unlimited Editions only. This rule is not supported in the Salesforce's Developer edition.

To run the InsideView Append assessment, follow these instructions:

Step Description Details
1 Login to Salesforce Log in to Salesforce CRM with user credentials that have System Administrator privileges.
2 Go to Setup In the Lightning edition, click the Settings gear icon at the top of the screen and select the Setup option.


In the Classic edition, click the Setup option at the top of the screen.

3 Search for Data Integration Rules On the Setup page, type Data Integration in the Search bar and click the Search icon. Select the Data Integration Rules option from the search results to view all data integration rules available for your Salesforce instance.


4 Select the rule Select the InsideView Lightning DataLead Integration rule as illustrated:


5 Run the assessment Click Run in the Assessment section.


If you have recently run an assessment, Run will be replaced by View.

Note: Salesforce limits you to running one assessment every seven (7) days.

6 View assessment results Once the InsideView Lightning Lead Data Rule is successfully executed (this may take a while), click View to see the assessment results.


Note: You will also receive an email when the process completes.

You can visualize the lead assessment results as illustrated below:

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