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About InsideView Sales

What’s New in v156?

Known Issues

Support and Feedback 

About InsideView Sales

InsideView Sales offers the most accurate and complete market intelligence that powers productivity across the enterprise. Up-to-the-minute intelligence from over 40,000 sources is delivered into your business workflow through various InsideView CRM integrations. The InsideView for Sales product suite also includes:  

  • InsideView Mobile – Provides market intelligence on your mobile device making it easy to access on the go.
  • InsideView Account Management – Provides leadership change updates and market intelligence to keep you informed about important activities across your accounts and arms you with insights to retain and grow them.

What's New in v156?

Click the following links to browse through the feature updates and enhancements in the respective products:

New Features in InsideView Sales

View and Use InsideView in the Custom Tab

InsideView Sales can be customized in the Salesforce CRM to view and can be used as a separate application in the Custom tab.   

In the Custom tab, you can use InsideView Sales seamlessly without switching to any other tabs within Salesforce CRM. You can perform all tasks and search actions in the InsideView Custom tab and plan your sales strategy using the most engaging and accurate company and contact information available at your disposal in a single tab.


To learn how to configure the Custom tab, read the articles Configuring InsideView Sales in Page Layouts and the Custom Tab in Salesforce Classic Edition and Configuring InsideView Sales in Page Layouts and the Custom Tab in Salesforce Lightning Edition in our Knowledge Base.

Support for Salesforce's Federated Search in InsideView Sales

InsideView now allows you to perform federated search, which allows you to search external content within Salesforce CRM and to display search results from the InsideView database. With the federated search feature, you can search multiple information resources simultaneously using a keyword or full name of a company or contact. You can view InsideView’s search results in a single integrated list, which is listed as the External Results in Salesforce CRM.  

Note: The federated search feature is supported only in Salesforce CRM's Lightning Edition.


The federated search feature allows you to view records from Salesforce and InsideView databases' simultaneously, saving time and hassle. 

Currently, this feature is available only in: Salesforce Enterprise, Professional, Unlimited, and Developer editions.

In the search results page, you can go directly to the Account or Contact Detail page by clicking the View link under the Display URL.

In addition to that, you can click on the Title of an Account or a Contact in the External Results, to navigate to the Detail page which has links to view more information in the Salesforce Lightning Edition.

For more information read the Setting Up and Managing Federated Search article and the Search Tips article in our Knowledge Base.

Responsive User Interface in InsideView Sales

InsideView is introducing a new revamped and modern InsideView Sales, which is based on the responsive framework to offer most of the desktop features with a unified look and feel. InsideView's new responsive user interface is intuitive and easier to navigate with a common user experience across platforms - within CRM, web, and mobile web. 

Your system administrators can configure Salesforce account page layout to show InsideView  in full width screen, 2/3 width, or even 1/3 width. With the Responsive User Interface enhancement, you can utilise the common InsideView Sales layout, which will appear same even in the narrow/summary view that has a width of 680px or less.

Note: The Responsive User Interface is supported only in Salesforce CRM's Lightning Editions. Responsive User Interface is not supported in Internet Explorer version 11 (1/3 width only).

The 2/3 View:


The 1/3 View:


You can perform the following actions in the Responsive Interface: 

  • sync-icon.png - Click the Sync icon to update the company and contact information in the CRM.
  • wrong_icon.png - Click the Wrong Info icon to report incorrect company and contact data.
  • download_icon.png - Click the Download icon to download the company and contact information in the PDF.
  • add_icon.png - Click the Add icon to add the company and contact to the CRM.

Note: In order to offer desktop-like experience, the responsive framework will show a scroll in the InsideView Summary view less than 680 px of width in any supported CRMs. 

The Company InfoPeople and Insights give detailed information to reach out to right prospects at the right time with relevant conversation starters. Real-time insights will help you engage in a better way with your existing customers. 


You can scroll down to view the firmographic data about a company that you want to prospect for sales opportunities.


You can scroll down further to view Industry information, Competitors and latest News trending about that particular company.

You'll see key executives at your prospect and customer companies in the People tab. You'll find detailed information about executives, which includes latest news and social insights. 


In the Insights tab, you'll see the latest news, blogs, tweets and Facebook posts about companies. You can also search any information across all these channels.  


 For more information, read the following articles in our Knowledge Base:

Known Issues

There are no known issues in this release.

Support and Feedback

For any technical issues, submit a request for technical support. InsideView’s support team will contact you to address your technical problem.

Please share your feedback and ideas with us by sending an email to or click the Feedback button on the right-hand side of this page.

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