"Time limit exceeded” Error



The following error occurs while running the Validate and Sync process during InsideView Federated Search set up

“Time limit exceeded. Your request exceeded the time limit for processing.”


After authenticating the InsideView external data source, while performing the Validate and Sync operation you might see the above error. A possible cause for this is a time out issue in Salesforce.


Follow the steps below to resolve the time out error:

Step Description Details
1 Edit InsideView external data source In the External Data Sources page, select the InsideView external data source and click Edit as illustrated below:


2 Edit the settings Unselect the Search results visible to all profiles check box and click Save.


You will be prompted to log in again. Once you log in, click Validate and Sync.

3 Edit user profiles Once the sync process is completed, go to Setup > User > Profiles.
  • Edit the user profiles which require access to federated search.


  • Go to External Object Permissions section.
  • Select the Read check boxes for InsideView Accounts and InsideView Contacts.


  • Repeat this step for all user profiles that require access to the InsideView external data objects.

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