Uninstalling the InsideView Unified Package from Salesforce CRM


This article provides instructions to uninstall the InsideView Unified Package from your Salesforce CRM.


Before uninstalling the InsideView Unified package, remove the following InsideView components:

Removing the InsideView Visualforce Component

Note: Repeat these steps for each entity on which the InsideView Visualforce component is added. The InsideView Visualforce component is present on the Account, Contact, Lead, or Opportunity object.

  1. Open an Account, Contact, Lead, or Opportunity in Salesforce. For example, open the InsideView Technologies, Inc account.
  2. Click the Setup icon and select the Edit Page link as illustrated below:


  3. In the Account Record page, click the Remove icon for the InsideView Visualforce component and click Save.


    Note: If the InsideView CRM View is present in the detail tab of the entity, edit the corresponding page layout and remove the InsideView Canvas AppIf there are any workflow rules written on top of InsideView custom fields, they need to be deleted too.

Removing the InsideView external objects for Salesforce’s Federated Search

  1. Click the Setup icon and enter External Objects in the Search bar and click Enter.


  2. In the External Objects page, click the Erase link beside InsideView Accounts and InsideView Contacts.


  3. In the confirmation pop-up, select the Yes, I want to permanently delete the external object type check box and click Delete.


Uninstalling the InsideView Unified package

Now, you can uninstall the InsideView Unified package from your Salesforce instance. To do so, follow these steps:

Step Description Details
1 Go to the Setup page Log in to Salesforce with Admin user credentials and click the Setup icon, as shown in the below screen:


2 Go to Installed Packages Enter Installed Packages in the Search bar and click the Search icon.


3 Uninstall Click the Uninstall link beside InsideView for AppExchange package as shown below:


4 Select uninstall options In the Uninstalling a Package page, choose the following uninstall options:
  • By default, Save a copy of this package’s data for 48 hours after uninstall is selected. Unselect if you would like to save the data.
  • Select the Yes, I want to uninstall this package and permanently delete all associated components check box.

Click Uninstall.


The uninstall process may take a few minutes to complete. Refresh the page to view the progress.

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