Making InsideView Insights Available through the Dynamics Web Client


Anyone who is set up as an Office 365 global administrator can make InsideView Insights available to all users in the organization. We recommend administrators should grant access via this option which provides the most seamless and managed experience.

Be sure you are signed in as an administrator, then follow these steps:

Step Description Details
1 Go to Insights Org Settings Go to Microsoft Dynamics 365 > InsideView Insights > Settings > Org Settings.


2 Enable OAuth for all users In the Insights screen, click Continue to enable OAuth for all users in an organization.


3 Grant permissions When prompted, sign in with your administrator credentials and click Accept.


4 View Insights Organizational Settings The user access request starts automatically, and you will know it is finished when you see the Insights Organizational Settings page in the CRM window.

Note: Only administrators will see this page.


InsideView Insights is now available to all users in the organization.

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