Create an Application User


An application user is required by an organization to create a communication channel between InsideView Insights and their Microsoft Dynamics 365 instance to push the Relationship Assistant alerts for your account based on acquisitions agent setting.

Note: InsideView Insights allows only Microsoft Dynamics System Administrator to create an application user and configure it.

Follow these steps to create an application user for your organization:

Step Description Details
1 Sign in to Microsoft Dynamics Sign in to Microsoft Dynamics 365 using System Administrator credentials.
2 Go to Insights Org Settings Go to InsideView Insights > Settings > Org Settings.


3 Create an Application User On the Insights Organizational Settings page, select the Application User tab and then click Create Application User.


In the Save Application User window, enter the following details:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address


Click Save.

4 Update Application User Once the application user is created, if the access token expires, to generate the new one click Update Application User.


Verify Application User is created To verify that the application user is created, go to Dynamics 365 Settings > Security.


Click the Users link.


Check for the application username that you have saved earlier.

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