Review and Update Social Media Feeds Settings


With InsideView Insights you can enable or disable social media feeds for your entire organization to track the latest news and events on sites such as Twitter, Facebook and company blogs.

Follow these steps to review and update social media settings:

Step Description Details
1 Log in to Dynamics Sign in to Microsoft Dynamics 365 with InsideView Insights Admin user credentials.
2 Open Org Settings Go to InsideView Insights > Settings > Org Settings.


3 Go to Social tab On the Insights Organizational Settings page, click the Social tab.


4 Edit Social media settings By default, all check boxes are selected, which lets users see Facebook and Twitter news feeds, as well as company blogs.

If you do not want users in your organization to see social media feeds, clear the Facebook or Twitter check boxes (or both). The blog setting cannot be cleared.

Click Save.
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