Update (Sync) account or contact information


Insights allows you to synchronize company and contact information to Dynamics 365 from the Insights database with validated, up-to-the-minute information. Here’s how:

Step Description Details
 1 Go to Contact or Company page Go to the Contacts or Company page and click the Update Company or Contact Information button:


The Update Contact/Company page opens.

 2 Select the Contact / Company Information In the Contact or Account dialog box, in the Insights area, select the check box for an individual field to modify that field or click Check All to enable all fields for editing. You can also use the lists for options fields such as Industry and Ownership etc. to select an item from the list.


Update the fields that you enabled for editing as needed.

Note: If you have set Company Logo and Contact Image fields on the InsideView Insights Organizational Settings page, you will see an image on the Update/Sync user interface, which is retrieved from the InsideView database. If there are no images in the Insights database, then the default icon for a company or a contact is displayed.

 3 Update Contact/Company Information Click Update Contact or Update Account to save your changes.


 4 Cancel the Update process Click Cancel to go back to the Contact Details or Account Details page.
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