Set up your social feeds in the Buzz tab


You can use InsideView Insights to set up the social media feeds to view the trending news on an accounts or contact’s Facebook or Twitter page. Here’s how:

By default, social media feeds are available, your Dynamics CRM administrator can turn them off.

Here’s how:

Step Description Details
 1 Go to the News page Go to the News page of an account or a contact and then click the Buzz sub-tab. Read the article Getting to company and contact overview for more information.
 2 Add the Social media buzz Click the Add button and add the social media page for that company or contact.


 3 Select options To include the social feeds, click Add Facebook and Add Twitter account.


 4 Complete buzz settings To complete the news feed additions, sign in with your Facebook or Twitter account credentials.
 5 Arrange buzz items Drag and drop the news columns to arrange them however you like.
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