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About InsideView Sales

What’s New in v158?

Known Issues

Support and Feedback 

About InsideView Sales

InsideView Sales offers the most accurate and complete market intelligence that powers productivity across the enterprise. Up-to-the-minute intelligence from over 40,000 sources is delivered into your business workflow through various InsideView CRM integrations. The InsideView for Sales product suite also includes:  

  • InsideView Mobile – Provides market intelligence on your mobile device making it easy to access on the go.
  • InsideView Account Management – Provides leadership change updates and market intelligence to keep you informed about important activities across your accounts and arms you with insights to retain and grow them.

What's New in v158?

Click the following links to browse through the feature updates and enhancements in the respective products:

New Features in InsideView Sales

Support for Direct Phone Numbers of Executives

InsideView Sales now allows you to access direct phone number(s) of executives provided, the direct number exists in the InsideView database. With this feature, you will now have access to the direct phone number of an executive. InsideView’s Direct Phone Number feature will increase the probability of directly contacting your prospect for better business outreach.

You can view the direct phone number in both the InsideView CRM and Web views.

Web View:


CRM View:


The Direct Phone feature allows you to provide feedback on the phone number by clicking the thumbs-up and thumbs-down icon.


Direct phone numbers can be synced to the CRM via InsideView Update CRM. You now have the choice to sync either Company or Direct (if available) phone number of an executive.


From now onwards, you can export direct phone numbers in a .csv file using the Export option in InsideView Sales, InsideView Insights, InsideView Target and InsideView Apex products.

For more information, read the following articles:

InsideView Sales Supports Salesforce Encryption

InsideView Sales now supports Salesforce encryption, so even if your company has enabled encryption on your data, including standard fields on account, contact, and lead records, you can still add new or update existing CRM records with InsideView.


NoteIf you are using deterministic encryption, InsideView will attempt to find existing duplicates when you use the Update CRM function by allowing you to add new records or update existing records. If you are using probabilistic encryption, InsideView will not be able to search Salesforce for potential duplicates, but you can still use the Update CRM function just to sync/export new data.

To learn how to encrypt fields in Salesforce CRM, read Salesforce’s Online Help documentation.

Known Issues

There are no known issues in this release.

Support and Feedback

For any technical issues, submit a request for technical support. InsideView’s support team will contact you to address your technical problem.

Please share your feedback and ideas with us by sending an email to or click the Feedback button on the right-hand side of this page.

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