Add Multiple Contacts


You can add multiple contacts to Dynamics 365 or CRM Online, add them as leads, and add them to Watchlists from the Find Contacts page. Here’s how:

Step Description Details
1 Go to Find Contacts Follow the steps in the Getting to the Find Contacts page to open the Find Contacts page.
2 Select contacts In the Find Contacts page, click the check box beside the Contact image to select multiple contacts.


3 Perform tasks on multiple contacts

You can complete any of these activities for the selected contacts:

  • To view firmographic data, click the Show Firmographics  icon.
  • To add into Dynamics 365 or CRM Online, click the Add as Contact to CRM contact_icon.jpg icon .
  • To add as leads, click the Add as Lead to CRM lead_icon.jpg icon.
  • To add to your Watchlists, click the Add to Watchlist  icon .
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