Understand the List Build Feature


Insights offers an integrated List Build, which lets you identify companies or executives that match a particular set of search criteria.

You can view the company and executive’s firmographic data, save a search criteria, modify a saved search, and export the list of companies or people in an Excel spreadsheet. You can also add a company or an executive to the CRM, and to a Watchlist from the search results.  You can add up to 20 records in a list at a time.

You can use the following search criteria to build a list of companies or executives for identifying business opportunities:

  • Location– the geographic location for companies that you want to target. For instance, create a list of ideal companies or people in a specific location such as California State. The location filter is applicable only for Company’s location.
  • Company Revenue and Size– the number of employees (company size) and revenue in USD. For example, search for a list of companies’ worth of 5 million US dollars revenue per annum with 300 to 500 employees.
  • Industry– the industries and sub-industries a company belongs to. You can also use NAICS and SIC classifications of a company.
  • Ownership– the ownership type of a company. For instance, you can select any one of the ownership type for a company: PublicPrivateSchoolGovernment, or 
  • Smart Agents– the Smart Agents to search within news articles, press releases, SEC filings or keywords. For example, select the “Expanding Operations” news Agent to filter the list of companies that have been in the news in the last 30 days because they are expanding operations.
  • Connections– the type of social media connections to build a list of prospects. For instance, you can build a list made up of companies whose employees include only People you know, or you can filter the list to show only companies where you have a Connection.

In order to build a list, simply select or enter the details in the List Build form with the information you'd like to match and search.

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