Getting to Start a Conversation with Leads


The Start a Conversation page provides the following about a lead:

  • Leads ’s summary details
  • Options to qualify, develop, propose and close the lead
  • See company as well as contact pairing

From the My Open Leads page, you can view lead details to start a conversation. Here’s how:

Step Description Details
 1 Go to the Contacts page To open an Account page, do one the following:

On the navigation bar, click the Main button main_icon.png

Select the Sales, Service, or Marketing work area. The work area name appears in the navigation bar.


Click the work area name, and then click Leads.


The My Active Contacts page opens.

 2 Select an Account On the My Open Leads page, select a lead.


 3 Go to Contact's Summary panel In Insights summary panel, click the Start a Conversation button to view news, key contacts, and social news feeds.


 4 Select the Start A Conversation In the Lead Details page, select the Start A Conversation tab to view the important details that you can use to start a conversation and become familiar with the prospect.

contact_select_SAC.pngFollow the instructions in the Getting to Start a Conversation with Contacts to add Facebook, Twitter, Blog and Call Prep questions widgets.

Follow the instructions in the Start a Conversation Actions section to create call reminder, send an email, create a task and schedule a meeting with the lead.

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