Understanding the Tech Profiler tab


This article helps you to use Insights, powered by InsideView to find new prospect companies based on the technology they use.

Tech Profiler empowers you to find new prospects, plan account strategies and keep tabs on key target accounts based on technologies they use that are relevant for your sales and marketing teams. For example, if you sell to companies who also use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online CRM, you will be able to find accounts and track companies that use that particular CRM.

IMPORTANT: Tech Profiler is an add-on to Insights, powered by InsideView. In Insights solution, it appears only when you purchase Tech Profiler add-on for your Insights account separately as an additional tab on the Company Insights page.

Tech Profiler tracks 2,100 front-end and back-end hardware and software technologies. Over time this list will expand as the market demands. Tech Profiler is available for 525,000 companies across the United States and Europe.

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