Viewing Contact Details


You can view an executive as a contact or lead. You can also view multiple contacts when you select them in the List Build results page.

If an executive is added either as a contact or lead, when you click the Name hyperlink it will redirect you to respective entity page.

Here is how you can view contact details:

Step Description Details
1 Go to Find Contacts or List Build Follow the steps in the Getting to the Find Contacts page or Getting to the List Build section to open any of the company or contact grid.

Note: In this article, the Find Contacts page is used as an example to show how to view an executive as a contact or lead and the List Build page to view a contact in the Dynamics 365.

2 Select an executive Go to the Find Contacts page and select an executive who is added as a contact and lead in the CRM.


3 View details on Insights contact grid Click the Name hyperlink to view the Contact and Lead summary details.


4 View details in CRM  Click the respective Name hyperlink in the popup to view the Contact or Lead details in the CRM.


5 View Contacts through List Build grid page To view a contact details in the CRM, go to the List Build Grid page, select the People tab.


If a contact is added to your CRM, then you can select that contact and view that particular contact’s information either in CRM view or in the List Build view.


If a contact is not added to the CRM, then when you click the Name hyperlink you will be able view contact in the List Build page itself.


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