Getting to the List Build


You can launch the List Build from the Microsoft Dynamic 365 tile menu. The List Build launches a search page where you can enter your search criteria to find companies and executives. Here’s how:

Step Description Details
 1 Go to the List Build On the navigation bar, click the Main button main_icon.png and Go to the Insights work area.


Click the List Build button.


Note: The Org Settings button will be visible only to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM account administrator.

 2 Create a new list If you are launching the List Build page first time, click the New List button to enter the search criteria to find companies and people.


If you have already saved some search criteria in the List Build page, the next time when you open this page the saved search criteria appears. You can either modify that search criteria or create a new list of companies or people.

 3 Enter search criteria Enter the desired criteria to search for companies and people.


By default, all companies and people in the InsideView Insights database are displayed. You can drill to specific companies that you want to target using the search criteria selection using list of options.

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