Building a List of Companies and People


You can launch the List Build from the Microsoft Dynamic 365 tile menu. The List Build launches a search page where you can enter your search criteria to find companies and executives. Here’s how:

Step Description Details
 1 Go to the List Build Go to the List Build page following the instructions in the Getting to the List Build article.


 2 Enter location criteria Search for a company with a specific location.  The Locations option enables you to search for companies using the following geographical criteria.


  • All Locations: Select to search for companies in all location across the globe.
  • City/State: Select City/State from the Locations list then enter a city's name in the City
    • To search for companies within a particular state, enter the code for the state in the State field, and leave the City field blank. You can also enter the state name in this field. For example, New York.
    • To search for companies in a particular country, select the country name from the Country drop-down list.
  • Country: Select Country from the Locations list, then, click the Country field and select the country name from the list. To select multiple countries, hold down the Ctrl or CMD key while clicking.location1.png
  • Area Codes: Select Area Codesfrom the Locations list, then enter the area code(s) in the Area Code field to search for companies operating in specific areas. Use commas to separate multiple area codes.
  • Zip Codes: Select Zip Codesfrom the Locations list, then enter the zip code(s) in the Zip Code Use commas to separate multiple zip codes.
  • Regions: Select Regionsfrom the Locations list, then click the Regions field and select the geographical region such as Asia or Middle East from the drop-down list. To select multiple regions, hold down the Ctrl or CMD key while clicking.
 3 Enter employee count and revenue criteria Search for companies with employee size and revenue. Use the Employee Size and Revenue fields to enter a range for number of employees and the revenue of the companies you want to target.


For example, if you enter 100 to 500 in the Employee Size and 5M to 3B in the Revenue field, the search returns only those companies with 100-500 employees working for them and with revenue that ranges from 5 million to 3 billion US dollars.

Note: The number of companies and people available in the company and people grids adjust automatically based on your search criteria.


 4 Enter the Industry type To search with industry type, enter the industry name in the Industry field, then select any applicable sub-industries.


For example, enter the word Bank in the Industry field and select Banks.

 5 Select the Ownership type Select the ownership type of a company from the Ownership list of options.


For example, select All, Public, Private, School, Government or Organization.

 6 Select the Company Status Select the status of a company from the Company Status list of options.


For example, you can select All, Operating, Subsidiary, or Acquired.

 7 Select the Connections option To identify companies based on your connections, select Connections and search for companies based on the connection types that matter to you.


For example, you can select People you know with affiliations through your Alumni to find direct connections in the target companies. If you select People your co-workers know to find connections through their affiliations, your list will comprise companies your co-workers are connected to.

You can select the following connection types:

  • All
  • People you know
  • 2nd Degree Connections
  • People your coworkers know
  • Your employer
  • Previous employers
  • You coworker’s previous employers
  • Reference Customers
  • Alumni

For more information, read the Set up your connections section.

 8 Select Smart Agents Click Smart Agents to search for companies with use a News Agent or Keyword in your search.


Smart Agents are used to group news articles into sales-relevant categories such as Leadership Changes, New Offerings and Expanding Operations. Apart from the standard smart agents, you can request Insight’s support team to any customized smart agents. Here’s how you can select an agent:

  • Click the More Options button and select the Smart Agent menu item and select agents from the drop-down list. For example, select Partnerships.
  • To search news items with days, click the Search news articles within last drop list and select the number of days.


  • When you select Partnerships smart agent and 7 for number of days, the search results are adjusted automatically.agents2.png
    • To use a keyword in your search, click More Options and select the Agent Keyword menu item to enter the keyword that use want to search. For example, Wells Fargo. You can enter multiple keywords separated by a comma.


 9 Select job functions Click the More Options button and select the Job Function menu item to select the job function of executives that you want to search. For example, select sales. The search results adjusts as per your job function selection.


 10 Select job levels Click the More Options button and select the Job Function menu item to select the job function of executives that you want to search. For example, select sales. The search results adjusts as per your job function selection.


 11 Include customer results Select the Include customers in results check box if you would want to include all reference customers you added in the results. When you do this and build a list, all companies you added as reference customers will be included in the search results.


 12 Select show people with Click Only show people with and select any of the following option to view search results:
  • Email – shows all executives with email addresses.
  • Phone – shows executives with phone numbers.
  • Email and Phone – shows executives with both email and phone numbers


 13 Add more options To add other search criteria, click More Options.

Enter the following Search Criteria:

  • Only show people on – Use this option to search for executives who are on one of the following social networking sites: Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook.agents8.png
  • Company Ranking – Use this option to select the ranking. By default, Ranking is set to Any. You can select either Fortune 500 or Fortune 1000 ranking.agents9.png
  • Fiscal Year End – Select the fiscal year end month of a public company from the drop-down list.


  • SIC – Enter the Standard Industry Classification (SIC) codes of a company.
  • NAICS – Enter the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code of a company. The maximum number of NAICS codes that you can enter is 150 for each search. You can enter multiple NAICS codes separated by a commas. agents11.png
  • Agent Keyword – Search the companies and people by agent keyword.
  • Job Title Keyword – Enter job title to search for executives. For example, CEO and Manager.


 14 Save Click Save Search.


Enter the name for your list and click Submit.


The save search successful message appears.


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