Add a Company or Contact to your Watchlist


Watchlists send daily or weekly email notifications of the latest news and events for a company or contact you are following.

The Company and Contact Details page via the Discovery Center allows you to add a company or contact to your Watchlist. Here’s how:

Step Description Details
1 Search for a company Follow the steps in Getting to the Discovery Center and search for a company or contact.
2 Add company to watchlist  Click the Add to Watchlist  icon to add a company or contact to a Watchlist with one-click.





3 Choose a watchlist To add a company or contact to watchlist, you can select either an existing watchlist(s) or click the Create New Watchlist link.

When you select the existing Watchlist, the company or contact is added to that watchlist.

When you click the Create New Watchlist link, you will be re-directed to InsideView Insights User Settings page where you can create a new watchlist.


To learn more about watchlist, read the Manage Your Watchlist article in our Knowledge Base.

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