Using the Preview Pane


You can launch the Company or Contact Preview pane using the search option when you enter the name of the company or contact that you are looking for. You can also select the right company or contact from multiple matches found in InsideView Insights using additional details.

The Company and Contact Preview panes show you the firmographic data about a company and contact and lets you do any of these things:

  • View the company information, including corporate address, and phone number, as well as revenue and number of employees.
  • View the contact information, including job title, company address, and business phone number, as well as social profile and past employment details.
  • Add a company or contact to your Dynamics 365 environment.
  • Add a company or contact to your Watchlist.
  • Add multiple companies or contacts to Dynamics 365 environment and your Watchlist.

Here's how:

Step Description Details
1 Go to Discovery Center Follow the steps in Getting to the Discovery Center to go to Discovery Center.
2 Search for companies or contacts In the Discovery Center page, enter few letters of the company or contact name that you want search for.

For example, if you type Mic in the search area, all companies and contacts that starts with Mic and contains Mic in their names are populated in the list as illustrated above.


3 Go to the Company Preview pane Click the Search  icon to launch the Company Preview pane.


4 Go to the Contact Preview pane Click the People tab to go to the Contact Preview pane.


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