Watchlist Stream Functions


The Watchlist Stream shows all watchlist activities that you have performed on a weekly basis and you can also view the news feed for the companies you are following using the Watchlist tab.

Here’s how:

Step Description Details
1 Go to Discovery Center Follow the steps in Getting to the Discovery Center and open Discovery Center.
2 Add to watchlist Click the Add to Watchlist  button to add several companies and contacts to your watchlists.


3 Review watchlist activities Review the watchlist activities to the right side, which now shows the contacts and companies you have just added.


4 Select a watchlist to stream Click on the Watchlist menu to select from the following options.

5 Select Agents Click the Agents menu to select an agent from the standard 18 company agents.

Read the Manage Your Watchlists and Set up your Standard Agents section for more information.

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