Manage Companies and Contacts on your Watchlists


The Watchlists subtab displays all the companies and contacts that you have added to your Watchlists. For more information, see Add a Company or a Contact to a Watchlist.

Note: You can track up to 200 companies and/or people per list for a total of 1,000 entities. InsideView recommends you to set 1 Watchlist for Top Customers, 1 for prospects and 1 for competitors.

To edit a watchlist follow these steps:

Step Description Details
1 Go to InsideView Insights Watchlists Go to the User Settings page, and then select the Watchlists tab.

2 Go to Watchlist Click the Watchlist link.

3 Review watchlist items On the Watchlist subtab, review the companies and contacts you are following.


4 Sort items in the watchlist To change the sorting of companies and contacts on your Watchlists, click the header of any column.


5 Remove items from the watchlist To remove the company or a contact from your Watchlist, select the record and click the X at the end of that row.


6 Rename the watchlist To edit the name of the Watchlist, click the Edit button  .


In the Edit Details dialog box, type a name for your Watchlist.

Click Save.

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