Manage Multiple Watchlists


The Add New Watchlist button allows you to create up to five Watchlists to track companies and people, so you’ll be the first to know about changes that can represent opportunities or threats, and signal when it’s time to reach out. For more information, see Add a Company or a Contact to a Watchlist.

Having five Watchlists allows you to set them up for different purposes; for example: one Watchlist can be used to track prospects who are already in your CRM, while another can track news on your competitors, without adding them to Dynamics.

To create a new Watchlist, follow these steps:

Step Description Details
1 Go to Watchlists Go to the Watchlist tab in the InsideView Insights User Settings page, and then click the Add New Watchlist button 


2 Add a new watchlist In the Add New Watchlist pop-up, enter the name for your Watchlist.

Click Submit. The Watchlist name appears on the screen.


3 Add companies and contacts to your Watchlist Add companies or executives to your Watchlist from the Discovery Center, Find Contacts or List Build grid.


4 Add watchlists from Summary View You can also create a new Watchlist from the Summary View of the InsideView Insights panel and select a particular Watchlist from drop down menu. The option to create a new watchlist is visible only when you have added one or more existing watchlists in your instance.

5 Edit your watchlist To edit and sort your new Watchlists, follow step 4 to 6 in the Manage Companies and Contacts on your Watchlists article in our Knowledge Base.
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