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InsideView Insights lets you view or sync the Revenue value for an account, opportunity or a lead object based on the currency type defined in the Entity, Personal Options page, or user locale for that particular object.

How sync or view the currency information works

  • InsideView Insights will consider the following settings to sync or display the Revenue value for a company:
    • The Billing Currency field in an Entity Object
    • The Currency field in the Personal Options screen
    • User Locale (i.e. Insights Locale setting)
  • InsideView Insights currently supports only EURO (€), US DOLLAR ($), and POUND STERLING (£) currency types. Other currency types that you have set in the Personal Options or Entity Object will be replaced with the setting in the User Locale.
  • When the currency type of an Entity Object is predefined, InsideView Insights will consider that setting to display the revenue in Insights.
  • While syncing the Revenue value, Insights prioritizes the currency type settings in the following order:
    • The Entity Object level preferences are used first, in case the currency type is not US DOLLAR, EURO and POUND STERLING, then Insights uses the currency type defined in the Personal Options setting.
    • If both settings differ from the currency types supported by InsideView Insights, then it will consider the currency type defined in the User Locale.

For example, if the default currency type is set to US Dollar in the CRM but a specific account’s Billing Currency is set to EURO, Insights will use EURO for the Revenue value when you sync the currency information for that particular account.

To view or sync the currency information follow these steps:

Step Description Details
1 Open an Account Log in to Microsoft Dynamics and go to Sales, Service, or Marketing work areas. Click the work area name, and then click Accounts.


Open an account.

2 Go to account currency settings The Account Details page opens. Scroll down to see the currency setting.


3 View revenue values based on entity level currency setting The currency type setting that is defined for an account, opportunity and lead is displayed in the following screens as Revenue value:
  • Summary or Firmographics

  • Competitors /Similar Accounts

  • Family Tree

  • Company Sync


Note: To sync or view the company revenue value in the Account Sync page above, the Revenue field should be selected in the field mapping settings.

4 View revenue values based on Personal Options page currency setting If you are viewing the Revenue information in the Discovery Center, List Build and User Setting page, the first preference is given to the Personal Options page currency type setting and then setting defined in the user locale. The Revenue information appears in the following pages:
  • Discovery Center


  • List build


  • Reference Customer grid


  • Watchlist Grid


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