Add your Outlook Contacts


You can import contacts saved in your personal Outlook Address book.

Note: You will not be able to import all the contacts from your company’s Active Directory.

For Microsoft Outlook PC users

Go to Microsoft Outlook and use the following steps to create an outlook.csv file with your contacts:

Step Description Details
1 Go to Outlook Contacts On your Microsoft Outlook client, click Contacts.
2 Export contacts Click File and select Export.
3 Select what to export On the What do you want to export? dialog box, select Contacts to a list (tab-delimited text) and click OK.
4 Save the exported file On the Save dialog box, enter the name for your file followed by .txt extension in the Save As field.

Select the folder where you want to save your file under Where.

Click Save.

5 Complete export  Once the export is complete, click Done. Check respective folder for the downloaded contacts file.

Import Outlook Contacts to InsideView Insights

Step Description Details
1 Go to People You Know  To import the Outlook contacts, go to the Connection Settings page, and then click the People You Know tab.
2 Add Outlook contacts On the People You Know tab, under Outlook, click Add Contacts.

3 Upload the Contacts file Click Browse, and then select the Microsoft Excel file that has your contacts.

Click Upload. To remove any contact from the list, click the Close button next to the contact’s name.

4 Complete the process Click Save.

For Microsoft Outlook 2011 Mac users

You can export contact list in Outlook 2011 on Apple’s Mac operating system to an Excel spreadsheet. Here’s how:

To Export from Outlook for Mac follow these steps:

Step Description Details
1 Go to Contacts Open Outlook for Mac and click on Contacts.
2 Export contacts  From the File menu, choose Export.
3 Select what to export A dialog box pops up, asking you What do you want to export? Choose Contactsto a list (tab-delimited text). Then click the right arrow at the bottom.
4 Save the exported file A Save box appears. In the Save As field, enter the name you want to give your file. Make sure the .txt extension is at the end of your file name. Under Where choose your desktop.

Then click Save.

5 Complete the process Outlook then exports your contacts. When the export is complete, click the Done button.

To import the contacts exported above into an excel file by following these steps:

Step Description Details
1 Open the file in Microsoft Excel Open Microsoft Excel. From the File menu, choose Open…

When the Open box appears, go to the bottom of the box and under Enable make sure it’s set to All Readable Documents then in the top part of the window, find the .txt file you exported from Outlook to your desktop, and choose it. Then click the Open button.

2 Select import options  The Text Import Wizard opens up. Choose Delimited and click Finish. Your contacts open up in an Excel spreadsheet.
3 Save the file Save it as Excel by going to the File menu and choosing Save As; under Format choose Excel Workbook.

Note: You cannot export Contacts for Microsoft Outlook 2016 on Mac

Follow the steps to Import Outlook Contacts to InsideView Insights as described in this section above.

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