Manage your Watchlists


Watchlists let you follow people or companies for business opportunities. Follow the instructions below to view your Watchlists, export your Watchlists, and edit email alert notification rules for your Watchlists.

To manage your watchlists, follow these steps:

Step Description Details
1 Go to Insights User Settings Sign in to your Microsoft Dynamics application. Go to CRM > InsideView Insights > User Settings.


2 Review Frequently Viewed watchlist In the Insights User Settings page select the Watchlists tab. On the Frequently Viewed sub tab, review the Watchlists items that have been added based on frequent clicks on a company or a contact name.


Note: Frequently Viewed Watchlists are Watchlists that automatically track companies and people you view frequently (a company or contact’s profile that you view more than five times is automatically added to this Watchlist). You can remove a company or contact from this Watchlist, edit your email notification settings, and turn the Watchlist on or off according to your preferences.

3 Edit Frequently Viewed watchlist Click the Edit Rules link to open the Rules dialog and edit the Frequently Viewed Watchlists settings.


4 Set up preferences To set up your preferences on when to add a company or contact to a Watchlist, enter the number of views and days in the Add Companies and People If Viewed field.

For example, if you want all the companies and people you view more than three times in the last three days to be added to your Frequently Viewed Watchlist, select 3 and 3.

To set up your preference on when to remove a company or a contact from a Watchlist, set the number of days in the Remove if not viewed in the past field.

Click Save.

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